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What are Gacha Games and how does it fit in the Metaverse? | Bet Placer's Club


An upcoming trend in 2022 are the Gacha games in which people can play games for free, but certain attributes or features cost money in the Gacha game. In the games you can pay for in the game coins which you can spend to buy certain items. The more time and money players spend the rarer the items the player can collect. The Gacha games is a controversial business case of game developers gaining increasing number of players last year. Currently you need a personal account to play the games and the items in the games are hard to trade. The blockchain and Metaverse can be a major breakthrough in the gaming industry to increase the simplicity of trading attributes and avatars in games. In this blog we will explain to you what the current problem is of the gaming industry and why the Metaverse is so valuable.

Why is the Metaverse so Valuable?

Where 2021 was definitely the year of NFT’s, 2022 will definitely be the year of the Metaverses. Popular Metaverses like the Sandbox and Decentraland surged in price latest months, and many people bought digital land to develop there own digital life. The main problem of these Metaverses is the low quality pixels and lack of good game development. In Decentraland you can roam around with your avatar but that’s about it. We cannot speak yet of fully developend gacha games. In 2022 there are several new high quality Metaverses like NetVRk, Blocktopia and Wilder Worlds which fully invest in a high quality scenery which will be VR-applicable. These Metaverses are of a new quality dimension and improves the user experience drastically. All these Metaverse are still to be released in 2022 and the possibilities are endless. The possibility to develop Gacha like games can help the tradability of avatars and attributes.

Problem of the current gaming industry

20 years ago when I was a kid I just bought a CD-ROM to play my PC-game. I played with my friends and they liked the game so much that they downloaded some illegal software to copy the CD-ROM. Basically my friend played the game for free. Gaming companies were not happy with this new development and decided to work with licensed codes on the back of the CD-ROM cover. Now you need a license to play the game first. It was just a matter of time the code was hacked and the CD-ROM was again copied for free. Then about 15 years later a new era came of making online accounts in combination with CD-ROMs. You need your own account to play the game now. Copying the CD-ROM doesn’t work anymore. Now some people played so many hours in the game that they acquired special features in the game of special Avatars with attributes that are worth a lot of money. The main problem now is that people have to sell there whole account in other trade their avatar. The blockchain in combination with the Metaverse is a huge solution to this new market as each avatar and attribute can be collected on a single (Ethereum) wallet ID. Now buying and selling your avatar is a piece of cake and the blockchain is taking a way all security breaches between buyer and seller!

Will we see Gacha games evolve in the Metaverse?

We are still in a very early stage of development of gacha games in the Metaverse. We are just a few years away before all games will be developed with blockchain technology in such tradability of game items are easy accessible for players. Also it saves a lot of headaches for gaming developers who will be sure that games are not illegally copied anymore. The gaming industry is already a billion dollar industry, but with the revolution of the Metaverse the volume increases exponentially coming years.

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