To infinity and beyond

The inspiration for the Bet Placer’s character came from the legendary short squeeze of the GameStop stocks (GME). The Bet Placer’s love their risks to be as high as their rewards and are not afraid of the big hedge funds betting against them. The community vouches for each other and with the smallest investments they will be able to shake up the entire world. Are you ready to cause a revolution in the Metaverse? The Bet Placer’s Club is looking for you!

Experts behind Bet Placer's Club


We form a strong multidisciplinary team consisting of experts in their field.

IT Development – Alexander van Trijffel
Alexander is one of the co-founders of the Bet Placer’s Club and has over 20 years of experience in complex IT-solutions, coding and project management. Estetica has been an entrepreneur as long as he can remember and has helped numerous FinTech companies grow. He is primarily responsible for the architecture and further development of the Bet Placer’s Club. Coming up with creative solutions is what Estetica does best.
Finance & Compliance – Harry van Vliet
Harry is one of the co-founders of the Bet Placer’s Club. As a qualified chartered accountant, Harrocop is responsible for day-to-day business, including strategy, finance and compliance. He has been actively involved in the crypto space since 2017. Harrocop loves to connect with others and excels in maintaining long term relationships and partnerships.
Discord Community Leader – Thijs Koopman
Thijs is an expert at building communities around NFT projects and has 4 successful NFT communities to his name. He’ll be applying his extensive experience to ensure that the Bet Placer’s Club has a thriving community. His responsibility is to maintain a pleasant atmosphere on Discord, focus on collabs with other NFT-projects and to answer any of your questions. Thijs is a real team player and loves to hang out with the community on Discord.
Graphic Designer – Harmen Heuvelman
Harmen has over 12 years of experience in making cartoons, animations and graphical designs and is a real storyteller. In 2005 he made his first generative art collection. As a blockchain enthusiast, he knows how to reach its audience with creative skills. Harmen makes high-quality NFTs with a great sense of humour and is specialised in 2D cartoon artwork and graphic designs.
Web Design & Branding – Kevin de Groot
Kevin has over 10 years of experience in web design and customised branding for a wide range of companies. He takes care of the look & feel of the website and helps to visualise the appearance of the Bet Placer’s Club collection. His taste for design is exquisite and guarantees a fully optimised customer journey.
Shilling Marketeer – Anonymous OG
Anonymous OG is a mega enthusiastic NFT lover and a real project hyper! The past few years he roamed around on many telegrams and many other social platforms. He knows which path to walk. And as a real Metaverse believer Anonymous OG is our BPC’s silent Shillingmaster. Together with our community leader Thijs he will be responsible for making the project more visible by approaching other communities, influencers and other collabs. You can find him as a moderator in our Discord space!
3D Character Animator – Eric Reniers
With over 10 years of experience in animation and over 5 years of experience in moviemaking, we’re proud to have Eric as our 3D avatar designer. His high-quality work breathes life into each avatar - with close attention to detail and a subtle, humorous quality that makes his work unique. Besides the Bet Placers Club, he has worked on other Blockchain projects, which makes him a valuable asset to the team.
3D Modeler – Chef Caractère
Henk Kok is a highly experienced 3D modeller and is responsible for the technical part of the 3D avatars. Starting with a concept model, he creates a 3D skeleton with parts of the body to program realistic movements of the avatar for coming movies and games. He and Eric form an excellent animation team together.
Unreal Engine specialist – Sertastic 3D
Bukra is specialised in designing realistic sceneries with Unreal Engine. She will be responsible for designing the landscape and different attributes in the NetVRK Metaverse. Thanks to Bukra, our quality content will also be ready for virtual reality (VR) mass adoption. In the past few years, she has made high quality 3D attributes for the biggest clothing brands in the world!
Open position - marketeer
We have an open position for a passionate NFT marketeer who is keen to build a strong brand with us. Contact us on Discord if you have are interested.