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There is a large variety of platforms to sell your NFT Art in the open market. The NFT marketplace can be centrally managed by exchanges like Binance or Coinbase. However the biggest marketplaces are decentralized and operate with just a webinterface directly with the blockchain. Due to the decentralization this is preferred by many NFT-flippers and price action is still increasing anno 2022. One of the biggest NFT marketplaces is The opensea marketplace operates on the Ethereum Blockchain and in this blog we guide you how to use Opensea to flip your NFT on the market.

NFT Marketplace Opensea Account

You just minted an NFT or got an NFT airdropped. In order to sell your NFT on the Opensea marketplace you perform the following Steps:

  • Step 1: Visit the website and at the right top click “Create”
  • Step 2: Connect your wallet with “MetaMask” see also blog: How to install MetaMask
  • Step 3: Click on your Profile at the right top (you can edit your profile picture)
  • Step 4: You see your NFT listed below and Click on the image
  • Step 5: At the right top you see the blue button SELL
  • Step 6: You have the option to list your NFT with a Fixed Price or Timed Auction.
  • Step 7: To list your NFT you have to verify the transaction with you MetaMask (transaction cost are applicable)

For support see this guide of OpenSea.

The best way to learn the marketplace is by roaming around on the Opensea website and explore other collections. It is possible to ‘Like’ certain Artwork which will be saved in your account, this way you can find the artwork easily next time you visit Opensea. For buying new NFT Artwork we recommend to do thorough research on the project. There are several tools like TradingTools to signal buy entries early. With the help of data you can check how much price action (volume) occurs at a certain project and spot whether a project is ‘hyped’. Furthermore you can look at the discord community, team and the roadmap of the NFT collection. For more information on this topic check out our Blog about "U PART of the V(olume)!".

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