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Before you ape into the a next NFT project you see all kinds of slang thrown in the discord servers. At the moment the Mint is open the moderators tell you LFG!! The next morning you are greeted with GM and after HODLing you NFT for longer period of time you are told WAGMI. Than the FUD gets to you and FOMO makes you buy until you are REKT. The cryptoslang nowadays can be a bit overwhelming these days so in this blog we bring you up to speed with the latest crypto slang you need to know!

  • HODL Hold on for Dear Life
  • APEING If you Ape into a new project you buy without thinking or thorough research
  • NFT-FLIPPING Trader who buys NFT’s sells quickly for gains
  • PAPER HANDS An investor who exits a trade quickly and are shaken by the volatility in the market
  • DIAMOND HANDS An investor who is not panicked by price volatility and holds no matter what.
  • WAGMI We All Gonna Make It
  • FUD Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt
  • FOMO Fear Of Missing Out
  • LFG Lets F*cking Go
  • REKT Wrecked
  • SATS Smallest Bitcoin unit 0.00000001 BTC
  • WHALE Investor with huge positions which can manipulate the market
  • PUMP & DUMP Scheme to intentionally pump the price to subsequently dump it
  • BTD Buy The Dip
  • CRYPTOSIS (OCD) Obsessive Crypto Disorder: Someone who can’t stop talking about crytpo
  • NO COINER Someone who is pessimistic about the crypto space
  • BAG HOLDER Investor who bought to high and his portfolio dropped massively
  • VAPORWARE An idea or concept that will never succeed or have no actual use
  • WHEN LAMBO Questioning when the crypto investment is worth enough to buy a Lamborghini
  • WHEN MOON Questioning when the cyrpto investment will skyrocket to new all time highs
  • KYC Know Your Customer
  • DOXXED Identifying and publish information about an (crypto) individual
  • SHILL Marketing concept to bring awareness to a new coin or crypto project.

Now you are all up to speed with the latest crypto slang! Put your skills into practice and join our community in Discord!

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