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In this blog we give an insight in our Rarity Strategy for the Bet Placer’s Club collection! Like any NFT collection with #10.000 Art collectibles the NFT’s are partially automatically generated. The traits in the different layers of a file extension (eg. SVG or PNG) are handmade and subsequently randomly mixed to generate a new unique art piece. For instance the Layer “Cloth” can have different “traits”, like a police uniform, suit, smoking etc. In order to make you collection diversified the programmer can choose how many times a specific Trait occurs in the total NFT collection. This way you can make certain items rare or ultra rare in the collection. A well thought and worked rarity overview is essential to preserve the intrinsic value of each collectible.

Rarity Strategy

At the Bet Placer’s Club all items of the collection are 100% automatically generated. With 309 traits and 12 layers we have long and complex Art code to make the Meta Data and Character perfectly fitting! Certain combinations are not possible like the Headgear Layer with the Hair layer and sometimes traits do not match and therefore banned in the code. At the Bet Placer’s club we took programming to a new dimension by creating Theme Characters in the Collection. A Theme Character in our collection is artwork with matching styles in at least more than two traits of a Collectible. About 20% of our collections have theme characters. Below we worked out a few Theme Characters as an example.

Theme character: The Meta Punk

One of our rare Theme Characters is the Meta Punk inspired by the first NFT project developed by Larva Labs in 2017. Less then <1% of our collections meets the requirement of a Meta Punk Theme Character. The required Meta Data to get qualified for the Meta Punk theme characters are:

  • Layer Background:

    • Trait: Party
  • Layer Head:

    • Trait: Mohican
  • Layer Hand:

    • Trait: Rock
  • Layer Clothing:

    • Trait: Leather
  • Layer Facial Hair:

    • Trait: Sideburns
  • Layer Ear:

    • Trait: Piercing Punk

NFT Bet Placer's Club Theme Character MetaPunk

Theme character: The Iceman

Inspired by the Dutch legendary Iceman we created a Bet Placer enjoying the Arctic Scenery. Having cold showers each day with daily breathwork has proven to boost your immune system. So give it a try and one day you might look like this awesome Bet Placer! The Meta Data required to get the Iceman Theme Character are:

  • Layer: Clothing

    • Trait: Ice Block
  • Layer: Hands

    • Trait: Ice Cubes
  • Layer: Hair

    • Trait: Ice Bandana

NFT Bet Placer's Club Theme Character The Iceman

Theme character: The Moonlander

One of our favorite expressions in the crypto world is Mooning! Slang that has her origins’ from Bitcoins first price surge towards the 20.000 USD. Take your bet and you might be the lucky owner of the Moonlander? The ultra rare Theme Character is met with the following Meta Data Requirements:

  • Layer: Clothing

    • Trait: Space Suit
  • Layer: Headgear

    • Trait: Astronaut Helmet
  • Layer: Background

    • Trait: Moon

Within this Theme character there will only be one Bet Placer with the Apollo Flag. Make your lucky Bet and land straight on the moon!

NFT Bet Placer's Club Theme Character Moonlander

Theme character: The Golden Boy

We all love gold and is just makes people shine. A nice to know is that our collection consist of few Eastern Gods inspired traits, like the Yuan Boa and the Cai Shen. And guess what!? We programmed these traits randomly to the lucky numbers with only a 6, 8 and 9 in our collection. Make your golden bet! Required Traits for The Golden Boy theme character in this picture are:

  • Layer: Clothing

    • Trait: Furcoat
  • Layer: Head

    • Trait: Grandmaster 1
  • Layer: Hand

    • Trait: Yuan Boa
  • Layer: Mouth

    • Trait: Gold Teeth

NFT Bet Placer's Club Theme Character Golden Boy

Theme character: Need Surgery

We all know the feeling that your head feels like its exploding after a long night out with your friends. Mixing liquor and exotic shots might end up with a phone call to 911. Well put that feeling into a cartoon and you got the Need Surgery Theme Character! Required Meta Data:

  • Layer: Head

    • Trait: Exploding Brains
  • Layer: Eyes

    • Trait: Exploding Eyes
  • Layer: Clothing

    • Trait: Doctor

NFT Bet Placer's Club Theme Character Need Surgery

Theme character: High Mile Club

You all got that one friend with the crazy story telling you about funny business up in the air. Did you know the requirement of becoming member is that your homerun at least has to be at the minimum height of 5.280 feet (1 mile) above the earth? As a tribute to the legendary stories in we got a theme character High Mile Club. Can you identify with this proud Bet Placer? Required Meta Data:

  • Layer: Background

    • Trait: Jet
  • Layer: Head

    • Trait: Captain Hat
  • Layer: Clothing

    • Trait: Pilot Uniform
  • Layer: Eyewear

    • Trait: Pilot Glasses

NFT Bet Placer's Club Theme Character Pilot

Theme character: Luxury Pirate

Yarr, matey! The digital pirates in our collection have high expectations from the next ship to encounter. They won’t do it for less than a Yacht! Required Meta Data:

  • Background: Yacht Boat
  • Haead: Pirate Hat
  • Eyewear: Pirate Patch
  • Hand: Steer Boat
  • Clothing: Skull
  • Facial Hair: 5 O’Clock Shadow

NFT Bet Placer's Club Theme Character Luxury Pirate

Theme character: High Roller

The high roller is not afraid to make a Hero Call with a relative weak hand. Going for the gutshot on the river you know he’s not leaving empty handed. Make your bet! Meta Data requirements for the High Roller Theme Character:

  • Layer: Background

    • Trait: Poker
  • Layer: Eyewear:

    • Trait: Poker Chips
  • Layer: Mouth

    • Trait: Royal Flush
  • Layer: Hand

    • Trait: Royal Flush

NFT Bet Placer's Club Theme Character High Roller

Theme character: Meta Virtuoso

With the Bet Placer’s Club we are part of a revolution in the Metaverse! Our Meta Virtuoso loves roaming around in the 3D world playing games and meet with VR-friend. Required Meta Data for the Meta Virtuoso Theme Character:

  • Layer: Eyewear

    • Trait: VR Glasses
  • Layer: Hands

    • Trait: VR Glasses

NFT Bet Placer's Club Theme Character Meta Virtuoso

Collectible Items

Besides the Theme Characters we have a lot of rare and funny traits in our collection. A theme Character is not per definition a rarity requirement! As an example we designed a lot of animals into our cartoons referring to trading and crypto slang. Check out our sneekpeak with the oversized whale in the fishbowl! Are you the next whale that fomo’s into our project, make your bet!

NFT Bet Placer's Club Whale in Fishbowl

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