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Although the NFT market is a billion dollar industry the NFT market is still not easy accessible for many investors. The barrier to buy Ethereum, make a unique wallet ID with Metamask and a personal account on withholds people from buying. The many steps one have to make is just the one thing why the NFT-space is not mainstream yet. Anno 2022 you see a lot more exchanges betting on central NFT market places where people can easily buy with fiat currency with just a simple click. Marketplaces like Coinbase can play a huge role in the mass adoption of NFT’s.

Buy your Bet Placer’s Club NFT with Fiat

Just like central exchanges, we at the Bet Placer’s Club, want to make our collection accessible for everyone. Therefore we decided to open a regular webshop where you can reserve you NFT with Fiat Currency. Before you buy with Fiat currency you log in with you Metamask account in such we have a verified Ethereum Wallet ID. After our collection is sold out we will push the NFT’s to each individual wallet address programmed in the Smart Contract. Instead of a usual Mint where the buyers pay Ethereum gas fees, now the sender will pay the gas fees, meaning the developer. We performed the following optimizations to lower the gas fees for the total collection under just < 10.000 USD:

  • We use the latest and modern ERC1155 Smart Contract
  • We use batches of 600 NFT’s in one transaction
  • We lower the data by reducing the standard 256 bits to binary codes to compress data to a lower number of bits
  • We make the transactions in the weekend after the American Markets are closed in such the Ethereum Network is less busy.

So besides the implementation of an easy ‘ buy with fiat currency’ click button we reduce the total amounts of gas fees enormously compared to a regular Mint where each individual buy easily pays 20 to 50 USD per transaction. We are very proud to be one of the first NFT-projects implementing this new innovative way of sending the NFT’s to their new Holders saving these amount gas fees. We avoid gas wars!

The real crypto believers and Fiat currency

For people longer in de crypto space they see the fiat currency rather go then come. The main reason is that fiat currency is a threat to the decentralized character of the crypto space. The charm of having no middleman to validate transactions is an utopian model which real crypto believers still like to pursue. In case when the financial system collapses the real crypto believers will still have there Bitcoin and Ethereum to build up a new financial system. However, the ugly truth is that fiat currency is still a requirement to buy your first crypto nowadays. To my opinion this will stay like that for a while until people get real salaries in crypto and crypto currencies become more mainstream. In the year 2021 the number of crypto holder quadrupled and one of the reasons of this mass adoption is the arrival of easy ‘one-click-buy’ crypto platforms. Just with your phone you are one click a way to buy your first Bitcoin, it is just a matter of time when you’re one click away to buy your first NFT.

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