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At the Bet Placer’s Club we are working towards a new user experience in the gaming industry. According to the Zion Market Research* the Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) Market increases from $ 26.7 Billion in 2018 towards $ 814.7 billion in 2025! In relation to the solutions blockchain brings in the gaming industry this market industry has therefore huge potential coming years. The Bet Placer’s Club jumps into this growth by providing gaming content in the Metaverse in which players can enjoy a new high resolution gaming experience with play2earn concepts. After a thorough research on quality Metaverses we ended up with NetVrk Metaverse. The NetVrk is a blockchain driven social media VR platform. It allows users to create, share and monetize collectibles and gaming content. In this blog we explain why NetVrk Metaverse is the future and why you should be part of it!

Quality Content

Virtual Reality brings user experience to a new dimension as the computer-generated 3D environment comes close to real life experience. Currently the VR industry has not many appealing games to play, causing limited use of purchasing VR-goggles or use of VR environments. With development of the Metaverse world where creators and users meet the quality content will increase in coming years. NetVrk has its own technology based on Unreal Engine 5 where creators can build 3D environments using libraries with in game assets. Professional game developers like the Bet Placer’s Club can upload content after it has been reviewed by the NetVrk Team. The review of the NetVrk Team is very important to retain high quality content.

Entry barrier for game developers

Currently it is very expensive to develop Virtual Reality environments, market the product and sell them on the open market. Therefore almost all gaming studio’s stay away from VR development. NetVrk provides a solution to this by creating 7.000 plots in which easily cities, landscapes and islands are created. NetVrk enables creators by applying the VWGen Editor to develop VR applications in a Sandbox environment. The VWGen Editor is a derivative of the Unreal Engine gaming tool with libraries to pick gaming assets and introduce them to the Metaverse. This is a huge solution for content creators to step up the game in the Blockchain Metaverse. More content made by developers will automatically lead to better user experience and in the end mass adoption of VR environments.

Monetizing a gaming environment

In the current gaming industry people buy a game mainly for fun. After a while when the player finished the game it moves on to the next one without any remaining value of the game he bought. The blockchain makes it possible to trade in game assets. So we see a shift in which play do not buy game, but buy in game assets instead to play games. These are the so called NFT Avatars to enter the Metaverse. Now a player is able to sell his product on the secondary market!

NetVrk Metaverse brings monetizing game experience to the next level by incentivizing users the following way:

  • Digital Property Owners are able to stake their land for rewards in NetVrk Coins
  • Digital advertisement within the Metaverse
  • There is a pool available to distribute to users for Play2Earn concept NetVrk Coins
  • Royalties are charged on the secundairy market resulting in extra revenue streams
  • Most Game Developers like the Bet Placer’s Club save a portion of the sales for community and play2earn and giveaways contests.

In the latest Roadmap update of NetVrk on the 1st of April 2022****** the Play2Earn concept and Staking of the digital property is confirmed. This gives the Metaverse huge potential and the major reasons why the Bet Placer’s Club is 100% betting on its future developments.

Bet Placer’s Club is coming to the Metaverse!

In this blog we covered the valuable insights of the NetVrk Metaverse and summarized the major benefits of participating in this social VR platform. We are excited for the metaverse future to come, do you join the Revolution?

*****For report on market industry check website: ******For announcement of NetVrk we refer to:

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