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Ever wondered how a 10.000 NFT artwork collection is made? It would just take over 40 months to make 10.000 unique pieces of artwork all by hand. The whole crux is that the artist works with 5 to 7 unique layers. With each layer 15 to 40 different types of traits are made. Now having about 250 – 300 unique traits, it takes only three full weeks of designing. Having all the traits ready in different layers it is possible to program each different type of layer on top of each other making endless combinations to reach the unique 10.000 NFT collection!

The Metadata of the NFT collection

Did you know that a NFT collection without any Metadata visible on is precisely worth nothing? To check the rarity of the NFT in a collection the Metadata of the traits must be visible on each NFT. Commonly each trait occurring less then 1% in the total collection is seen as ultra rare. The rarer your traits of your NFT the higher the price people are willing to pay for your NFT. By programming the total NFT collection it is possible to add specific dependencies in the coding in such certain traits only occur with other traits. The better NFT-projects have these dependencies build, in such more unique combination are possible. Above all each unique NFT is composited into a logical making sense piece of Artwork.

The art of Revealing the NFT collection

With almost all NFT project you don’t see you artwork immediately until the date of reveal. One of the main reason is that the collections must first be verified on the open market first (eg. Opensea) and that the IPFS data is not known yet. There are bots in the market who steal you IPFS data and try to publish the original collection. This is the main reason why NFT project owners are so careful with revealing the artwork and metadata.

Besides Artwork there is utility

Besides the artwork and metadata of the traits, it is even more important that the team has a long term vision in order provide utility to the NFT’s. After all we believe that the NFT projects with attractive utilities will distinguish from the regular NFT-projects with no long term vision. There are several different ways to provide a specific type of utility to an NFT, you can think of:

  • Belonging to a special club which you can only access if you have a specific NFT of a collection.
  • Getting extra perks like insides NFT-flipping advice.
  • Getting extra perks like farming other types of coins.
  • Getting extra perks like a gaming avatar tot access the Metaverse world.
  • Getting extra perks like being whitelisted for other programs.
  • Getting a free airdropped NFT or something similar.
  • Getting access to real life events!
  • And so on!

DYOR on artwork

People buy beautiful artwork in such they grant legendary online status. Next people are willing to buy the NFT based on a future promise and the amazing features to come. Therefore it is very important to watch closely and check who the owners are of the project. Check whether the team is undoxxed (names and company known?) to make sure the project is not a scam. You can also check the discord to taste the atmosphere of the community. Next you check the partnerships of the NFT projects in such you can evaluate to what extend the team will make an effort to fulfill the roadmap. Always do your own research on the project (DYOR) before you get on board of a new project! Invest in artwork safe and never with money what you can miss.

At least you now know how a unique 10.000 NFT collection is made!

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